Selasa, 07 Oktober 2014


We might be listening the thought of a common person like me and i just assume that this idea could inspire us / anonymous readers on this spot.

This ideas was coming up through couple days ago. Along the way to where i work, i could see nature on its place; trees on my sides, left and right, and were accompanied by grasses under them, and sunlight up on my head was shining through the leaves and reached them.

and defined me moment of meeting with HIM, the creator of the universe. Meet His presence, encounter His creations, dealing with His LOVE as HIMSELF.

Jumat, 03 Oktober 2014

Heart and Head

Some people said "put your head above your heart", the others could say "put your heart beyond your head". If there something else that i need to follow, then i will.. till i do realize inside of me saying, while i'm writing on it, "put your head and heart before GOD".

It seems two previous sayings have been removed by HIM who owns the heart, head, even more. and i could say He is God, He owns my head, He owns my heart, He owns everything in me.

Put my heart and thought before HIM are the most expression i want.

Rabu, 01 Oktober 2014

"Be still..."

Sometimes we have been dealing with things we put attention not, it might be important to our life.

We've been thinking of our family (mom, dad, spouse, or children), work, etc. and spent much time to make them go well.

At the same time, something goes beautifully when we could see the sun dawn, trees, grass, flowers, twilight, as well, all the way to where we work and along the way home to meet our family. 

It's the time of contemplation... the time to be still... the time to know... who God is.