Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

The Qualities of Joseph

On Genesis 37, 39 - 50 we have known or heard the story of Joseph. 12 chapters are telling about his journey of life is a big deal for us to know him more and why God was with him in every part of his life.

On Genesis 37, Joseph dreamed of the his greatness. He was seventeen years old when the dreams came to him. He told his dreams to his brothers that they will bow down before him, and it displeased them. If someone tells us about his achievements and asks to acknowledge him, dont we think he is boasting himself before us? personally i might say 'yes, he is arrogant'. We have learnt on his age Joseph did not speak wisely and was immature.

But God prepared and trained joseph. When he was thrown into a pit, sold to the strangers, and jailed, God be with him. For all he had been through, God has trained his qualities. 

Jailed must have been a frustrating place for a talented man, like Joseph. He did not know whether he would ever be released.

Finally, Pharaoh did not know the interpretation of his dreams, and he needed someone to interprete them. The cupbearer of Pharaoh remembered Joseph who had interpreted his dream. Pharaoh summoned him and asked Joseph if he could do it. Joseph said, 'i cannot do it, but God will give Pharaoh the answer he desire' We see how Joseph has grown in wisdom.

His action here is a mixture of humality and confudence (two qualities that do not often go together). This is the humility abd confidence we need when faced with the life.

'I can't.. but God can and will.'

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