Sabtu, 21 Januari 2017

How do we get peace in our nation?

Everyone of us knows what peace means. Generally, it describes a place or situation without conflict. In Christianity way, peace is derived of Old Testament term, Syalom. In common meaning, It directs to the sense of peace in personal and community aspect. These aspects should work at the same time.

Jesus offered peace to the world by teaching people how to deal with their ownselves and others. He shown miraculous things in order to make people received good news (God's forgiveness, salvation, and gifts) and enabled them to share It to all people around the world.

Jesus told many times about kingdom of God. He invited people to believe God through the One whom God sent, Himself. For wherever God is, peace remains in Him and whatever Jesus did and said, God is with Him and peace be unto Him forever.

So, how do we get peace in our nation? By following God wholeheartedly, and seeing the implementation of His will through Jesus Christ that has been written in Bible and it starts from personal experience and goes to others.

Read from this message, is there any other way to get peace? it's your turn to decide.